Debra Van Neste


CultExpert.Net was formerly the business site of Dr Cathleen Mann. I have her express permission to continue with her site, for educational purposes, and to advance our goals and directive. We at Thinking Agenda LLC, are adding future interviews and this site will host podcasts, and some past and present articles or podcasts that Dr Mann has left us. Thinking Agenda is a fully registered LLC that has divisions, one being an educational platform on cults and undue influence.

Our goal is to expand this site showcasing exclusive interviews, podcasts and be able to make good educational references.

We currently have an advisory committee, that will help lead us to be a organization that can grow to serve.

This will remain a very clean and simple site with Dr Mann’s tastes in mind. This is not a site that will be easy to be featured on.

At this time we can (myself and some members of the advisory committee) are open to speak on educational platforms on cults and undue influence, utilizing the MIND model of cults and can offer consultations as researchers to attorneys. We do not offer any mental health or coaching or peer support services. We do not support deprogramming. If you are an advocate, activist, researcher, journalist, blogger you can email us and we can see how we can help get your story out.

Last but not least we owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Mann for her support and wanting us to continue.

Debra Van Neste