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There are many opportunities we are open to many ideas and to work with ethical people and organizations.


Our Advisory Committee

Dr Monica Pignotti

Hana Whitfield

Lucie Vogel


The Advisory Committee is a fluid per diem volunteer position. You can be an advocate, a professional, an academic, an artist, etc. What I look for is that you understand our mission and goals, which is to provide educational resources about cults and undue influence. I, myself, was a volunteer for Dr Mann for 6 years, just so I could learn from her, and now I serve as a volunteer for the Red Cross, run Thinking Agenda, and work full time in the medical field. So I understand and don’t take advantage of people’s time and energies.

Per Diem means as needed. I ask for feedback but you are not required to give anything or sacrifice your own personal time. I don’t ask to fund raise, or favors, nor repost, agree or like everything we say or do. We won’t grow that way. We need critics and critical thinkers.

I am in reach everytime you text or phone. This is a position that will go through a lot of people, it may not be for you –or you might want to move on–we will always deeply appreciate your time –time is precious.

If you want to know what future plans we have, just ask and give your insights. Not everything will go thru the Advisory Committee. So you might have to ask what is going on and what ideas are floating around, if you find you have spare time on your hands to help, and want to catch up.

Bottom line is we appreciate your support. Any questions I am available on email or PM, or phone. Fill out the form enclosed, then we can set up a time to talk, if you are interested.

Debra Van Neste

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