Debra Van Neste

When I was introduced to Dr Mann six years ago, little did I know how she would have changed my life. She became a close friend and mentor. The six years I knew her was an amazing experience and the best years of my life. When Dr Mann passed away on November 21, 2020, it was a tragedy and blow to the anti cult community, as well as to all who loved her.

CultExpert.Net was formerly the business site of Dr Cathleen Mann. I created it but we both designed the site. I was her social media director then she asked me to be her public relations person, and I dealt with attorneys contacting her through an 800 number we shared. I then earned my way to be her personal assistant with her legal work and being involved with research about cults. She asked me not to sell her domain name when she passed away. Instead, she suggested to put it too good use and highlight new interviews, and articles with experts she respected, and whosoever meets a criteria of education and awareness.

We at Thinking Agenda LLC, are adding at least two interviews and this site will host podcasts, and some past and present articles that Dr Mann curated.

Dr Mann gifted me with her accounts containing her life’s work, and in doing so we can meet expectations to expand and continue to grow. Most importantly to serve with the ethics and education that was her life.

The Advisory Committee of Thinking Agenda LLC decides what articles are placed on this site, in the future.

Last but not least we owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Mann for wanting us to continue.

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